Asmodean – By a Thread Review

Maybe the album cover explains the music Asmodean deliver here in “By a Thread,” an album that it is really a journey to the outer world. The scene of a planet of other solar system fits better for what my dear child of the night will listen here. The impression it gets is each track was a separate work which was put together to form the album. Not in the bad sense, I mean. I say this because all tracks are pretty different from each. The thing that keeps them together is the 1970’s Space Rock mood updated. It’s fair to say “By a Thread” is also a journey around Metal music due to the incredible myriad of influences a fan can find in the album.

Asmodean with “By a Thread” reinvented the term Space Rock adding some Metal music features. I guess the right term would be updated as Metal music is more modern than Space Rock, but the truth is not only Metal music that has been added here. There is some Progressive Rock as well. As I said before, each track is a totallly different story. “Defying Truth,” for instance, has some Extreme Metal vocals intertwined with Hard Rock guitars and some clean vocals. The same happens with following track “Scorned” with a Metal riffing intertwined with Extreme Metal vocals at times even though the initial moments of the song are Prog Rock oriented. In fact, there is a Rush feeling in the song. Maybe due to the bass lines. Everything changes with “I Won’t” with some Black Sabbath structures on the guitars, a more accelerated tempo and an amazing guitar lead. Then comes “Mary Go Round” to add a pure 1970’s ballad mood to the album and change the mood.

“By a Thread” is a hodgepodge of influences mixed in a boiling cauldron. The broth is thick as the guitars sometimes with a bitter taste of Extreme Metal. Asmodean managed to bring back some 1970’s moods just to make them new.

Asmodean “By a Thread” will be released on September 29th via Rob Mules Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Undoing
  2. Below the Line
  3. Defying Truth
  4. Scorned
  5. I Won’t
  6. Sanguine
  7. Mary Go Round
  8. Best Sold Disguise
  9. Cursed Kismet
  10. Zooethics
  11. Jack O’ the Shadows

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