Baest – Necro Sapiens Review

If hell would have a soundtrack, I’m sure it would some kind of Funeral Doom Metal band mixed with the pure Goregrind Death Metal as this Baest with “Necro Sapiens.” I guess there would be nothing more perfect than an album whose songs are slow and painful as the torturing atmosphere hell might have. As I said before, Metal music has acquired the ability of telling all human suffering and agony and passed them to songs. “Necro Sapiens” doesn’t tell a shining and bright story. On the contrary, the story here is full of pain and misery, of agony and despair, of suffering and comotion, therefore all the emotions the shiny and brighty media hides from you. There are no bright colors here. Is that desired? Of course, it is. It’s part of life, my dear child of the night. Just life at its best.

It’s not easy to hear “Necro Sapiens” without an open spirit and mind. Not really the kind of band I’d suggest to a newcomer. It’s dense, shoegazed, full of plot twists and intricate performing and a voice that comes from the great depths of hell. Well, in fact, everything we metalheads appreciate. But, I repeat, not for beginners. All the pain, misery and suffering that opening track “Genesis” passes to the fan is inimaginable. It’s not only the slow paced death growls, but also the neat and well-performed instrumentals that take the fan to a dimension of agony that is really difficult to explain in words.  By the titles of the songs the fan will notice that Baest mean business. The gore and the agonies of death of all kinds are represented here by tracks kindly called “Purification Through Mutilation” or “Meathook Massacre” showing that Baest don’t play with fire. It’s the other way around,  it’s fire that plays with Baest. The spanking of the drums that occur in “Meathook Massacre” tells a lot about what Baest really want of life. And it’s agony, suffering, pain and misery. Nothing else. Shocking? Too much? Ok, I suggest some Rihanna for you over the rainbows and all…

P.S.: It’s really impossible to me not to make a parallel between “Necro Sapiens” and what is happening all around the world and the world leaders that are encouraging people not to wear masks and not to take the vaccine. Sorry, I can’t. Some call that necro policy.

Baest “Necro Sapiens” will be released on March 05th via Century Media Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Forge
  2. Genesis
  3. Necro Sapiens
  4. Czar
  5. Abbatoir
  6. Goresgasm
  7. Towers of Suffocation
  8. Purification Through Mutilation
  9. Meathook Massacre
  10. Sea of Vomit

Watch “Necro Sapiens” official music video here: