BAM MARGERA Issues Video After Drunken Rant Towards ‘Jackass’

Bam Margera

Bam Margera posted another video on Instagram, just a day after when he admitted to breaking his sobriety and indicated that he had officially been fired from the filming of upcoming Jackass movie.

In a now posted video, Margera acknowledged he needs help to treat his manic bipolar disorder, saying he will visit specialist on Friday.

Bam said he didn’t know for a year and a half whether he was going to be part of Jackass 4, and it seems he got the answer he was looking for — it’s happening.

He also noted it’s good news, for sure, and added that, in the end, everybody wins and there’s no bad blood.

Steve-O provided his Jackass 4 update in December 2020, but did not mention Margera not being involved. He was hanging out with Bam that same month in southern California, which is where Margera now lives.