BEHEMOTH — ‘In Absentia Dei’: Win A Nergal-6 Guitar!

Behemoth 2018
Photo credit: Grzegorz Gołębiowski

“The ritual is set. Now, the stage is yours: Legions ov Absentia Dei – show BEHEMOTH how you witness the night of all nights. Share your reaction videos under the hashtag #legionslive capturing your enlightening, your feelings, your experience of ‘In Absentia Dei’ and be in with a chance to win a Signature LTD Nergal-6 guitar!”

Recently, BEHEMOTH have announced ‘In Absentia Dei’, a groundbreaking immersive livestream spectacular which will broadcast on 5th September 2020 from a secret church location in Poland.

Today, the band launchs an interactive challenge for their worldwide legions to gather and capture their “In Absentia Dei” experience.

The rules:
1. Record a short reaction video of you watching the ‘In Absentia Dei’ or record a short video in putting your experience in words.
2. Share the video on Instagram under the hashtag #legionslive
3. Tag @behemothofficial
4. Deadline for the video is midnight, Monday September 7th

Behemoth Guitar Giveaway

The event will be streamed in high definition 4K, with an immersive experience option, allowing viewers to choose from 8 different camera angles in the multi-camera shoot or watch the ‘Director’s Cut’.