BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL “‘Bartzabel’s Beat Is like 100% DANZIG”

Behemoth Nergal

‘Bartzabel‘s “beat is like 100% DANZIG says BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal in the newest episode of the official I loved You At Your Darkest interview series.

Nergal says: “I remember when I brought the song to rehearsal, the guys were not really fond of my idea. They were like, ‘What’s that? It sounds weird.’

“Also, the structure was just missing some parts – it was just unfinished, but that’s how I work. Sometimes I just bring a piece and I see how it develops.

“When we were tracking the song in the studio, it was still unfinished – it was three minutes long, but the idea of how it would develop started growing in my head and it eventually grew to something pretty f**king epic.”

Nergal adds: “I don’t think we have a song similar to this one – it’s something new. I’m sure it’s a song we’ll love to perform live and I really hope that people dig it even though it’s different.

“The beat is 100% DANZIG . I remember when we were working on it, I was like, ‘Oh s**t, it’s very rock orientated, it’s very DANZIG-like.”

Watch the video below.

I loved You At Your Darkest comes out tomorrow (October 5) via Nuclear Blast / Metal Blade Records. You can read our review for the album here.