Hellfrost and Fire

Legendary vocalist David Ingram is very particular where it comes to his bands and his latest one, HELLFROST AND FIRE, is no different. It’s just pure CELTIC FROST-derived old school death metal with unfathomable power. The album is a neck-snapper from start to finish, with great performances including solos from Scott Fairfax of MEMORIAM, and fans of the genre are bound to enjoy it.

In top form after his laudable performance with the latest BENEDICTION release, David Ingram leads the attack on this one, his latest band playing unrelenting, pounding, neck-snapping old school death metal. An inexorable force, the music reverberates with astonishing power and massive stomping grooves, rolling forth like a juggernaut with spikes decimating everything in its path to oblivion.

The cascading momentum remains unabated, with each song sounding mightier than the one preceding it, when the fact is that it’s your body giving way. The only respite found here in the chugging mayhem are the fiery, tasteful solos from Scott Fairfax of MEMORIAM and AS THE WORLD DIES. This will be among the catchiest albums where this subgenre goes, backed by some of best riffing of this nature, imperious and compelling, and able support of explosive barrage provided by the drummer. If you’re a fan of classic death metal, this should be a no brainer.

Two singles can be heard below.