BENIGHTED Release Gory Music Video For Brand New Track ‘Nails’


Extreme French metal outfit BENIGHTED are now unveiling the third brutal track of their long anticipated new full length Obscene Repressed. The new death grind offering will see the light on April 10, 2020 via Season of Mist. “Nails” is now streaming, in the form of a gory music video, below.

BENIGHTED comment: “We are very proud to unleash our 3rd track taken from Obscene Repressed in the most disturbing video we ever made! With ‘Nails,’ discover what happens when a psychotic boy faces oedipal issues with his mother and gets paranoid about his dad being responsible for his facial deformity…

“Kick Your Eyes did a great job again with this new creepy music video about the story of Michael. We want to thank all the amazing people who worked for this video, especially Ni colas Delpierre, François Le Goazigo and Roswell! Of course also this incredible casting:

“Young Michael : Jorick 
Adult Michael : Cyril Van Zandijcke 
Dad : Abdé Maziane 
Mom : Cecile Rossi

“Special thanks to Laurie Muah (special effects) and Pauline Dissais (make-up)
Enjoy it, sickos! And please share it everywhere!”

Obscene Repressed track listing:

1. Obscene Repressed (2:26)
2. Nails (3:21)
3. Brutus (2:49)
4. The Starving Beast (3:07)
5. Smoke Through The Skull (2:59)
6. Implore The Negative (4:05)
7. Muzzle(2:43)
8. Casual Piece Of Meat (4:04)
9. Scarecrow (2:57)
10. Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way (3:56)
11. Undivided Dismemberment (2:28)
12. Bound To Facial Plague (3:29)

Bonus tracks:
13. The Rope (3:04)
14. Get This (1:57) (Slipknot cover)

Benighted Obscene Repressed