Blackbriar – A Dark Euphony Review

Blackbriar have been around since 2012, but their debut album “The Cause of Shipwreck” was only released in April 2021 and received positive reviews. Fair to say that vocalist Zora Cock’s imagery and performance are the highlights of the band’s career.  Liselotte Hegt wrote that “Zora is almost like a siren, luring you into dark romantic scenarios, twisted fairy tales and ghostlike sceneries”, and found that the orchestral elements on the album were present but not overpowering. Well, that’s really amazing, but is that all? Let’s see, shall we?

Besides the female vocals, the things I like most on Symphonic Metal is the grand and pompous mood bands give to their songs. Bands record their albums as if it were the last thing in the world they would do. I felt this urge here with Blackbriar and “A Dark Euphony,” an album that is more Metal than Symphonic. My impression is that both are well-balanced here. And, of course, there is Zora Cock’s voice. Maybe it’s redundant to say I love female vocals, but that’s not the only reason her voice is a highlight. It’s because the girl is really good.

Yeah, maybe for radical hardcore Metal fans, “A Dark Euphony” is more of the same. I strongly disagree. First of all the album’s lyrical main theme is something I’ve never heard of. Legend goes that cicadas were once human who were enchanted to be really addicted to singing that when they died the muses turned them into cicadas to sing continuously. “Cicada” is about Zora Cock’s wish to be turned into a cicada. Well, news to me.

Of course, there are tracks as the aforementioned “Cicada” that sound as the standard Symphonic Metal sonancy. But that’s, of course, expected. No album has all game changer or groundbreaker songs, however, “My Soul’s Demise” has strong guitars and pompous vocals. “Thumbelina” has a cool intro and initial moments. Pretty emotional track it is. Zora Cock’s voice helps a lot creating this emotional atmosphere. By the way, “A Dark Euphony” is a very emotional album.

Yeah, “A Dark Euphony” is pompous and grand as most of their peers. Blackbriar sure are a promising band. Let’s give them time.

Blackbriar “A Dark Euphony” will be released on September 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. An Unwelcome Guest
  2. Far Distant Land
  3. Spirit of Forgetfulness
  4. Bloody Footprints in the Snow
  5. The Evergreen and The Weeping Tree
  6. Cicada
  7. My Soul´s Demise
  8. We Make Mist
  9. Thumbelina
  10. Forever and a Day
  11. Crimson Faces

Watch “Cicada” official music video here: