‘Blackhearts’ Documentary In Post-Production


Norwegian black metal documentary “Blackhearts” has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with some awesome perks, like having a 30 minute Skype chat with Nocturno Culto from DARKTHRONE, having your band logo in the film ending credits, or even claim a share of producer’s soul! You can check them all here.

BLACKHEARTS is a feature length documentary film that explores the lives of three extreme black metal fans – from Iran, Colombia and Greece – as they travel to Norway, the birthplace of black metal music.

“We started working on BLACKHEARTS in 2011, and have filmed hours and hours of footage across Colombia, Greece, Turkey, Iran and Norway. We’ve got more than enough amazing footage, thanks to the endless hours our hardworking crew has invested – mostly for free!”

“But as we enter postproduction, it’s clear to us that we want our editor and assistant editor to be remunerated for their dedication, talent and creativity. There is a lot of editing, color work and sound design left to do if we want a film that’s high quality, memorable, and capable of reaching audiences far and wide.”

“We’ve managed to raise most of the funding needed already, but we’ve come to a crucial point in the process where we need a proper budget to ensure the quality of the final outcome. We need to make sure we have enough time for our editor and assistant editor to work their magic, we need to finish the sound design and do the color grading. In short we want to finish the rest of the post-production with the same level of high production value and attention to detail as we have done so far and make the best possible film for you to see.”

You can watch a clip from a film below: