BLAK29 Debut New Video ‘Blackout’

BLACK 29 Blackout

Powerhouse duo BLAK29, led by the multi-talented Steve Zing, are back with a sexy, catchy, and heavy as hell music video for “Blackout,” from their latest record, The Waitingout this past March via Cleopatra Records

The video juxtaposes a bright, illuminated stage show with the dark and seductive figure for whom the song was written. There’s plenty of modern flare here by way of sharp production and doomier undertones, but the classic party anthem also wouldn’t be out of place on a playlist with Alice Cooper and some of the other greats. One critic has already called it “a sleazy, horror-tinged blend of rock,” and we tend to agree.

‘Blackout’ is the lead song off the new BLAK29 album that was inspired by a gothic insta girl,” says Zing. “I chose to do a performance video and added the model Venice Alexa to complement the song.”

“Everybody’s screaming for that gothic little demon. Ya ever watch the hot goth chicks dancing around at a show or club? You know that they’re deadly, but for some reason, you find them attractive!”

“I love videos of people playing. I love the gear, the energy, and how the images translate to the audio experience that we have when we’re not on our phones or looking at screens. My hope is that others can have the same experience with ‘Blackout.’