Blind Man’s Daughter – Sundressed Review

We’ve headbanging too much lately so, it’s time to cool down a little. It’s been sometime we don’t have a Prog Metal band album to review here. Blind Man’s Daughter are much more Prog then Metal, the way I see it. Oddly, “Sundressed” sounds much more of a spiced pop albume with strong ligatures and adrenalized guitars. This is much because Ashley Wolfe’s voice has the tone of someone from a pop 1980’s who I can’t remember exactly right now. Maybe the guy from Aha who, of course, I can’t address the name.

Ok, maybe I was too harsh on the band when I said pop, but remember, I also said spiced and adrenalized. The thing is that instrumentals are very intricate, though in some songs they are a little outnumbered by the highlight on vocals – as pop bands do. But, in tracks as “Nights Fall” it’s possible to listen to all the grandiosity and shine of them. It’s here my dear fan will get how subtle the band is and how intricate their instrumentals are. There are moments it seems they’re using some Free Jazz techniques here. In cases like this it’s pretty hard to use distortions. It’s not a match, simply.

It was album opener “Mirage Harmer” which reminded me the 1980’s pop vocalist. It was also the mood that called my attention. Here its also possible to listen to the subtle guitars which get pretty convoluted  sometimes. The thing is Blind Man’s Daughter don’t use the same riffing technique other bands do. That’s why their music sounds so distant to most of us. By the way, they don’t use riffs all the time. Album tittle “Sundressed” showcases pretty well this. From where I’m standing, the band uses a chord progression adapted to Prog Metal with a lot of changes, of course. They change the progression all the time to make their music heavier. Heavier here means hazy and dazzed.

“Sundressed” is a great album to see how musicians are adapting techniques to match Metal standards. The quality of the musicians here is really impressive.

Blind Man’s Daughter “Sundressed” was released via Heavy Metal Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Mirage Harmer
  2. Sundressed
  3. Saeancer
  4. Kyhell
  5. Bloodmoon
  6. Days Fall
  7. Dust & Light
  8. Dust
  9. Nights Fall
  10. Waves

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