Bloodbound – Tales from the North Review

I keep on saying that record companies agree on the day to release their similar albums. Each day the releases I get prove me right. Bloodbound with “Tales from the North” addresses a lot to our previous review All for Metal “Legends” in many ways. Well, in fact, both are from the same record company. The epic mood is the same except that Bloodbound are more of a Power Metal grip. So are the catchy guitar riffs and the choruses. The difference is that “Tales from the North” is more melodic and doesn’t have the vocal duets. Lyrically both albums agree on the viking theme and heroic tales. Both themes are kind of endless around Metal music world as it seems. Tittle track “Tales from the North” and “Drink with the Gods” tell this tale much better. The latter has a Folk Metal taste with a flaute sound in it that makes it pretty interesting. With not much of an imagination it’s possible to see the warriors with the beer mugs hailing the gods. The flute is also present in “Odin’s Prayer” whose tittle explains the viking thematic better.

Power metallers Bloodbound have always been fighting at the forefront. With nine studio albums
in 16 years under their belt, the six-member band led by founding members Tomas Olsson (lead guitar) and Fredrik Bergh (keyboards) have proven their versatility and inventiveness countless times. With their new release “Tales from the North” Bloodbound open a thrilling new chapter of unbridled creativity.

As expected “Tales from the North” is a very melodic album with many catchy tunes. Absolutely not for Metal fans that don’t like melody and catchy tunes. A great reference to the album is – again – 1984’s TNT’s “Knights of the New Thunder” much more for the thematic and the grip than the sonancy as TNT are a bit more to Hard Rock and Old School Heavy Metal. Even though “Between the Enemy Lines” addresses a little the band with its easygoing chorus. “Land of Heroes” is a typical Power Metal song with the fast guitars and the high speed drumming. Again the highlight and the catch is the chorus and its long and easy to follow lines. “Sail Among the Dead” follows the same track with a prominent keyboard taking the lead.

Power Metal with easy catchy tunes. If that’s what you like here’s a spoonful.

Bloodbound “Tales from the North” will be released on July 07th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Tales from the North
  2. Drink with the Gods
  3. Odin’s Prayer
  4. The Raven’s Cry
  5. Mimir’s Crystal Eye
  6. Between the Enemy Lines
  7. Land of Heroes
  8. Sail Among the Dead
  9. Stake My Claims
  10. Sword and Axe
  11. 1066

Watch “Tales from the North” official music video: