Bodyguerra – Invictus Review

Bodyguerra. Wow! What a name! I swear I have never seen anything like that in all my life. As I have never been curious or critique about band’s names – ah, how much I love irony – I went to look for the meaning of it and of coursem I found it by the band itself. Here it goes:

“The band took their name from a Spanish mare, a Baroque horse from Majorca, which was called “Body.” Someone misspelled her name “Bodeguerra” and wrote it down in the stable’s register as “Body-Guerra.” Guido read it and liked it. Hence, in 2010, he called his newly found band Bodyguerra.”

The band defines itself as:

“[…] a modern modern rock band, Bodyguerra embodies heavy and punchy guitar driven rock that is characterized by Guido Stoecker ‘s virtuoso guitar playing. Complemented by Hanno Kerstan’s heavy drumming and Bassist Daniel “Danji” Perl’s driving bass playing, the band provides the foundation for Ela Sturm’s vocals. With its four octave range, her voice sounds equally impressive in the lows as in the highs.”

Well, I have a lot of restrictions when a band define itself as modern anything. In fact, the problem is that in mostly of the cases I really don’t understand what they mean. As far as I understand, this term is used to give an aura of modernity to anything. From where I’m standing, it’s the new way of saying that something is different but not that different. A false new it would be better. To my Metal ears, “Invictus” has many Metal features. To be more precise, the band falls comfortably into the term Hard Rock except for Ela Sturm’s vocals that addresses to rock bands that the music press loves as Television except for the fact that there are no Punk Rock elements in its music. For this I see this album much more Heavy Metal. For instance, tracks as “Confident Woman” could be in any Mötley Crüe album from the 1980’s. On the other hand, the Cindy Loper’s cover “She Bop” is so jazz bluesy that it’s it’s totally out of Metal or Hard Rock’s métier.

There are tracks as “Blood and Stones” that are brilliant pieces of Metal music with the anthemic choruses and catchy riffs. Following track “Troublemaker” has something of Kiss, most notably, the lead just the way Ace Frehley used to do. Most of the album has so many Metal features to ignore. “Twilight,” for instance, is faster paced. The thing that diverges is the voice. But not that much here. Bottomline, Hard Rock to me.

Bodyguerra “Invictus” will released on September 15th via Fastball Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Blood and Stones
  2. Troublemaker
  3. Twilight
  4. She Bop
  5. Confident Woman
  6. Devil’s Eye
  7. I Stop Listening to You
  8. Time Goes By
  9. Too Late
  10. C’mon, Tell Me
  11. My Mother Told Me (bonus track)

Watch “C’mon, Tell Me” official music video here:


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