Bona Lisa – Give It All You Got Review

It’s no secret here that I appreciate a lot female fronted bands. Women just make this sad and pathetic and lonely a little less sad and pathetic and lonely. Well, about lonely, it’s a little controvertial, but nevermind. I just think women let the music a little more sexy and pungent, that’s it. So, if you don’t believe me go straight ahead to the last, but not least, track “I Want Out” and tell me if you dare to say that it’s not it. The mooding in this song is so hot, but so hot that made metal start to melt down. Just because…

There are lots of reasons that make “Give It All You Got” at least a very interesting effort besides, of course, vocalist Donna Milikin’s voice. The guitar work here is creative and technical, though most can’t notice that. Guitarist Andrew Milikin uses lots of guitar techniques that make all the songs pretty amazing and compelling to the fans’ ears. Melodies also are out of the regular, I mean, they are a little out of the standard that is expected from a band that plays Hard’n’Heavy. Take second track “Lost Son” for instance with the bagpipe intro. Many bands have used bagpipes, I know that, but the contrast between the bagpipe moments and the song is amazing. At first, the fan may strange them, but soon as he listens to the song it makes total sense. The same happens with the vocals that the fan may also strange at first sounding a bit out, but againg, it makes total sense throughtout the song.

Other reason that I liked the album is that even the Poisonish title track “Give It All You Got” sound amazing and fresh with the voice and the guitars of the Milikins. The worn out title “Run for Your Life” gets a new meaning with the volume effects that the guitar gives it in the intro. The pungent and strong guitar riff also makes a lot of noise and destroys all around leaving nothing behind. The voicebox effect in the guitar solo is striking as well. I really don’t know why guitarists don’t use this effect more.

Bottom line, “Give It All You Got” doesn’t let the Hard’n’Heavy fan disappointed.

Bona Lisa “Give It All You Got” was independently released in April.

Track Listing:

  1. Without You
  2. Lost Son
  3. Give It All You Got
  4. Run for Your Life
  5. I Want Out

Watch “Give It All You Got” official video here: