Bonafide – Are You Listening Review

I’ll make a statement here which I guess many of my die hard fans will agree. AC/DC are the most relevant band in the world of Hard Rock and Metal music. I’ll prove it easily by quoting the number of bands influenced – I guess influenced isn’t the exact term, but it’ll have to do it – by their music. When I say influenced I mean bands that perform a music that anybody in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet will recognize AC/DC’s music by the initial chords. I don’t mean bands as Accept, for instance, that said the band was one of their major influence. I’m talking about bands as Krokus whose music was a mirror of AC/DC. Or Bullet whose music now incorporates both AC/DC and Accept, first AC/DC were the major influence. Or even Airbourne. The list has just so many names that is impossible to say all of them here.

Here we’ve got Bonafide with “Are You Listening” which by album opener and tittle track “Are You Listening” my dear fan can check what they are here for. On Bonafide’s sake, “Are You Listening” belongs to a more modern era of AC/DC a thing that most bands don’t do. If you don’t believe me just listen to the bass lines. Or even the ohohoho chanting. Or the final moments of the guitar. But it’s with “Hero to Zero” that my dear child of the night won’t have a shadow of doubt. Pure classic AC/DC. The following track “Salvation” sounds from the early era with Bon Scott. The exceptions are “Snacket,” “Dealt a Bad Hand” and “Tommie Nine Fingers” that try a different sonancy.

The thing is I love AC/DC. No doubt about. From where I’m sitting, the idea of honoring the band is very appealing to me. As I said before, it’s possible to know a bands relevance by the number of bands that were inspired by it and I’m sure AC/DC got to be number one. If you’re a fan, Bonafide with “Are You Listening” will make you very happy.

I gave a lot of effort to try not to say Bonafide sound like AC/DC. Truly I did. But it’s somehow stronger than I am.

Bonafide “Are You Listening” will be released on October 27th via Black Lodge.

Track Listing:

  1. Are You Listening
  2. Hero to Zero
  3. Salvation
  4. Who’s the Boss
  5. Snacket
  6. Dealt a Bad Hand
  7. Rumble
  8. Tonight I’m Wild
  9. Tommie Nine Fingers
  10. Little Miss Understood

Watch “Are You Listening” official music video here: