BRUTALLIAN Release New Song ‘Love Is All Around But The World’ Feat. Vocalist VITOR RODRIGUES As A Guest


One of the fastest and most straightforward songs from BRUTALLIAN’s new album “Reason For Violence” is the track “Love Is All Around But the World”. The song transitions between thrash and heavy in an impeccable way, granting an amazing atmosphere and energy to the song’s overall pace.

An important detail about “Love Is All Around But the World” is that the song features a guest appearance by one of the country’s greatest vocalists, the renowned Vitor Rodrigues (ex-Torture Squad/Voodoo Priest). The singer lends his powerful vocals to push even further the excellency of this track, that is a part of one of the main Brazilian Metal releases of 2018. It is impressive to see how the mixture of Pablo Barros (BRUTALLIAN)’s high pitched vocals and Vitor Rodrigues’ growls fit together perfectly in a duet that can be considered one of the highlights of the record.

The lyrics talk about many subjects, like misleading advertisement, sexual abuse, racism, gender discrimination, beauty standards, religious intolerance, among others, demonstrating the acid and sarcastic idea from the title, shouted by both singers.