Buried in Smoke – Cooperate Identities Review

It’s really funny how band names and their images deceive. When one looks at Buried in Smoke and the cover of their album “Cooperate Identities” the first thing that comes to mind is that it will be a standard Hard Rock album. However, by the intial seconds of it my dear child of the night will notice that the album is anything but standard. The formula here is to have no formula at all. Each track has its own sonancy and its own way of delivering the fan a nice moment. Let’s “Got the Feeling That My Foot Is Itchy So I’m Bitchy” as an example of what Buried in Smoke have to deliuver the fan. Ok, besides the long and, huh, let’s say, controvertial tittle the track has lots of moments in it starting as a Groove Metal song to then introduce some 1970s Led Zeppelin moods intertwined with some Prog Metal traits. Pay close attention to the fantastic drumming breaking all the rhythm and pounding as a beast. It begins with a killer rhythm to then break it with the aforementioned Led Zeppelin mood from “Dazed and Confused” era. The reminds Suicidal Tendencies with some pepper in it. Just an appetizer for all the things the album has.

“Cooperate Identities” doesn’t start as a standard hard Rock album with “Boombox Terror” whose background effects tell a dissimilar story. The track has some 1970s feeling given by vocals and the overdrive of the guitars. Though the effects drive to a different direction giving the song a modern vibe. The thing is that little by little the album goes taking detours in its line. The acoustic guitar and vocals of tittle track “Cooperate Identities” goes to a Southern Rock direction. I’d say Buried in Smoke add some spice in it to make it more delicious. For sure it’s no standard track. The band has a unique way of combination its debauchery with vocals ad some effects with a hard pounding instrumental. This way tracks get or serious or debauched. “Cooperate Identities” has a outstanding keyboard sound that fills out all the track. “Hijab Woman” introduces the Groove Metal mood of the album with spiced guitars and some sore vocals. By the way, Tony V’s vocals do all the crazy stuff that the album brings. Let’s say the man has a very versatile voice that fits all the weird and insane instrumentals the guys throw him.

“Cooperate Identities” has so many surprises that I’ll leave up to my dear child of the night to follow. Everybody is asking for non-robotic Metal bands. So, here we have one. Buried in Smoke simply put all their influences in a burning hot cauldron, stir them, pur some insane elements, and voilà, here is the steaming hot music.

Buried in Smoke “Cooperate Identities” was independently released on December 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Boombox Terror
  2. Cooperate Identities
  3. Hijab Woman
  4. At Least I’m Running
  5. Better Live
  6. The Damned Son
  7. Black & White
  8. Got The Feeling That My Foot Is Itchy So Im Itchy
  9. Womanizer
  10. Mamajuana

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