Carrion Vael – Abhorrent Obssessions Review

Some albums are easily recognized by the exciting and pungent music they have. Or even by the mixes they do not only regarding to the instrumentals but also to vocals. I’d dare to say that the mix in Carrion Vael “Abhorrent Obssessions” is the instrumentals of Dragonforce with the vocals of Rogga Johansson – maybe one, maybe the other. I guess this uncanny but not that unexpected mix explains better my point here. See that when I address to Dragonforce I mean that instrumentals are extremely well-cared for and with lots of shredding and ripping up the frets. When I address to Rogga Johansson I could have addressed to other Death metal bands whose vocals are more varied with lots of kinds of guttural and harshness. This mix, though, is incredibly unstable because the content is flamable and explosive.

“Abhorrent Obssessions” has a great deal of moodings and varied tracks. It’s a recommended album especially for those who think Death Metal is always the same with the same cadence and tempos and melodic structure. When a band as Carrion Vael with so many talented musicians  the outcome couldn’t be it. For instance, vocals go from the usual growls and howlings to demon debauchery. Guitars, bass and drums showcases an incredible variety of techniques and ways of playing in the fastest way as possible. That’s why I quoted Dragonforce as a reference. It’s not only playing incredibly fast in a blinding speed, its also how to play in a blinding speed. I’d like to pick “Tithes of Forbearance” as one especial track for its remarkable background chorus that goes Kill!, Kill!, Kill!. Maybe, just maybe, the track that represents better Carrion Vael is album opener “Wings of Deliverance” with all its shredding and vocal variations. If I had to pick up only one track of the album I would pick up this one.

“Abhorrent Obssessions” is the kind of album that will please not only Extreme Metal fans but all metalheads that appreciate an album that has cutting edge musicianship. Metal music is known for having out of the boz musicians and Carrion Vael do justice for the tradition. An album that catches my child of the night by the guts and by the extreme great musicianship. Not for the weak of heart. Well, Metal music is never for the weak of heart.

Carrion Vael “Abhorrent Obssessions” will be released on August 08th via Unique Leader Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Wings of Deliverance
  2. The Devil in Me
  3. King of the Rhine
  4. Kentucky Fried Strangulation
  5. Tithes of Forbearance
  6. Disturbia
  7. Malleus Maleficarum
  8. The Paint Shop

Watch “Wings of Deliverance” official video here: