Catholic Group Attempts To Shut Down ‘Satanic’ Metal Radio Station

Catholic Protests WSOU

A Catholic group is attempting to shut down legendary rock and metal radio station WSOU. The group, who calls itself Shut Down WSOU, has been staging public protests while claiming the station is promoting Satanism, witchcraft, genocide against Christians and more. They even set up their own website, which can be visited here.

WSOU, broadcast out of New Jersey’s Seton Hall University, has been a home to extreme music since the ‘80s. The student-run station is beloved by metalheads in the New York metro area, especially since the NYC market is dominated by hip-hop, pop and Latin radio.

Richard Smaglick, founder of the group, said in an interview with News12 that Seton Hall is a Catholic University and should stop the station.

“This is a Catholic University. Catholic universities of America have lost track of their mission to an extreme. It’s so bad that this Catholic university is airing Satanism to what they call a target audience of 12-year-olds in the largest media market in North America and that needs to end.”

Shut Down WSOU have singled out songs by DIMMU BORGIR, WHITECHAPEL, WINDHAND, SATAN’S SATYRS, CANDLEMASS, ELECTRIC WIZARD, OPETH and MYRKUR on their website, referring to DIMMU BORGIR as an “openly Satanic band.”