Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between the Stars Review

Last year we reviewed Chaos Over Cosmos “The Ultimate Multiverse” an album with a huge sci-fi grip that sparked my attention as I raised the eye that time. Now we have “The Silver Lining Between the Star” an album that still grabs the sci-fi grip but with some poetry. The album tittle is poetic. Very poetic. Poetry is all around, isn’t it so my child of the night? As I said on the last review, I’d like more Metal bands to use sci-fi more often. I guess it’s a subject that simply fits well. We’re metalheads are so off this world, aren’t we?

The band follows pretty much the same path as they did in the last album. Neat instrumentals and somewhat long tracks. In fact, the first “Violent Equilibrium,” an instrumental, and the last “The Sins Between the Stars” are the longest. The mood here is a Progressive Death Metal most of he time. I say most of the time because the mood changes a little among tracks with more diverse kinds of vocals. For instance, “The Sins Between the Stars” has a clean vocal as main and a gutural one as support or chorus as you please. As I always say about Progs, “The Silver Lining Between the Star” is much more Prog than Death Metal. But, still, there are enough elements to put it as Death Metal. This track, for instance, has zillion moods that change all around it. It’s pretty interesting how the band mix the ethereal inspiration to their songs. It’s not only the electronic effects but also the soundscapes. I liked a lot the outcome.

I recommend “The Silver Lining Between the Star” for the fan who love plot twist in an album. The instrumental first track “Violent Equilibrium” sounds as if the album would instrumental only. It’s neat and polished, just the way fans love it. I did have the same impression I had when I reviewed “The Ultimate Multiverse” for the first time that it was a Steve Vai album. Things change a little bit, but not that much when the vocals are added in “The Last Man in Orbit.” Chaos Over Cosmos took very seriously the idea of dealing with the space and things related. It added a certain charm to the album – Well, valid or not I like the word charm to express the feeling I have for albums. It’s not much to say. The days we’re living…

Chaos Over Cosmos “The Silver Lining Between the Star” will be self-released on August 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. Violent Equilibrium
  2. The Last Man in Obrit
  3. Eternal Return (instrumental)
  4. Control ZED
  5. The Sins Between the Stars

Watch “Control ZED” official vocal performance here: