Children of Bodom – I Worship Chaos

COB_I_Worship_Chaos  Just about any sort of melodic death metal and even just regular metal fans know who Children of Bodom is without having to think about it. They’ve become one of the most well known and popular bands in the metal community, and their last album “Halo of Blood”, proved that they had a bunch of talent and capability to create their ultimate creations. Well today they have released “I Worship Chaos” and it is my firm belief that this album rivals the awesomeness of “Halo of Blood”. Not convinced and need some of that sweet convincing? I shall explain. First off, this album doesn’t have the complex and intricate guitars and drums and all that to the table, but instead everything is kept relatively simple and most of “I Worship Chaos” relies on killer riffs and easy going (for death metal) sound that is catchy as much as it is well done. The vocals are virtually the same, though, which to me is a good thing because they did not improving with the vocals having a great sound to them that matched the rest of the band marvelously well without having to scream too much or tone it down to balance everything out. As you might’ve guessed as well, this is a fast paced band which means fast drums, and that remains true for each track of “I Worship Chaos” which really helps this album keep a nice energy in its entirety. There aren’t very many solos off this album and that can be good or bad depending on who you are. I don’t mind it because it really shows that Children of Bodom don’t need any super fancy amazing solos to sound badass simply because they are badass without them, and that being said the solo in the track “All for Nothing” is simply wondrous. And if you’re worried about there not being a lot of tracks to fill your need for more Children of Bodom then your worry is all for nothing, for there are 10 tracks in total (13 on the bonus version) and all of them have an excellent feel as none of them sound or feel like a filler track by any means. “I Worship Chaos” shows that Children of Bodom are still capable of being one of if not the most popular melodic death band out there because this album is simply astounding. One of this year’s best listens from a well known band, hearing this fantastic piece is an absolute must no matter who you are.

“I Worship Chaos” can be streamed in full on Spotify here, purchased via iTunes here, and you can streamed the first single, “Morrigan”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. I Hurt
  2. My Bodom (I Am the Only One)
  3. Morrigan
  4. Horns
  5. Prayer for the Afflicted
  6. I Worship Chaos
  7. Hold Your Tongue
  8. Suicide Bomber
  9. All for Nothing
  10. Widdershins
  11. Mistress of Taboo (bonus track)
  12. Danger Zone (bonus track)
  13. Black Winter Day (bonus track)