SIX FEET UNDER’s CHRIS BARNES Names His Favorite Death Metal Albums

Chris Barnes Six Feet Under

Jonathan Montenegro conducted an interview series called “My 3 Questions To,” in which Chris Barnes, the current vocalist of SIX FEET UNDER and former member of CANNIBAL CORPSE, was asked to list his three favorite death metal albums ever.

“Well, on that I’m gonna have to say POSSESSED Seven Churches. I’m gonna go with DEATH Leprosy and Spiritual Healing and Scream Bloody Gore; I’m gonna have to wrap those three up, ’cause Chuck [SchuldinerDEATH mainman] was a good friend of mine and I was a huge fan of DEATH early on. So, rest in peace, Chuck. And also I’m gonna go with…

“The third one, I’m gonna have to say OBITUARY Slowly We Rot — a huge album. All three of those bands are similar type of death metal. Of course POSSESSED is the kings of death metal; they pretty much started it all. Jeff Becerra, f**king awesome guy, man. So that’s where I come from, man. I really loved all those albums.

“And if I have to throw a fourth one in there, I’m gonna have to say [CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s] Butchered At Birth — kind of pat myself on the back. That was a huge album in death metal as far as kind of what our twist on the whole thing, and I think it influenced a lot of people, just as POSSESSED influenced a lot of bands to move in a certain direction.”

Barnes was the frontman in CANNIBAL CORPSE from its inception in 1988 until 1995. He departed from the band a year after the release of their album The Bleeding. Following his departure, Barnes founded SIX FEET UNDER, which presently consists of ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Jack Owen.