Chris Bay – Chasing the Sun

Brothers and sisters! I have been in a really bad mojo these days. Feeling down and lonely, I guess you all know the feeling. Sometimes we all need to hear something to cheer it up and that could be Chris Bays’s “Chasing the Sun.” There is a lot of 1980s music in this album. If you pay attention to the songs played in a 1980s action movie, or those teen movies, you will get what I am saying. “Chasing the Sun” is a joyful album, the one which can take out from misery at the first hearing.

Most of the songs have a strong early Bon Jovi taste, like “Flying Hearts” and “Light My Fire.” In some others I sensed a lot of The Beatles taste. Paradoxal, huh? Not much. The Beatles were still a huge influence in the 1980s, specially among hard rockers. Of course, most of them will not agree. They prefer to say it is The Rolling Stones better. As in most albums of that time there is a sugar loaded balad, “Love Will Never Die.” But it fits perfectly to the whole idea of the album, which to spread love all around, though most bangers will absolutely hate the idea. It is the kind of album that some will listen to it hidden. Or not.

From where I am sitting, I stick to the positive vibe of “Chasing the Sun.” We all need some light once. Otherwise we face depression. I’d rather listen to Chris Bay. Of course my next album will a raw black metal one or a brutal death metal. Fighting fire with fire…

Chris Bay’s “Chasing The Sun” will take off on February 23rd via SPV / Steamhammer.

Track Listing:

  1. Flying Hearts
  2. Light My Fire
  3. Move On
  4. Radio Starlight
  5. Silent Cry
  6. Hollywood Dancer
  7. Keep Waiting
  8. Misty Rain
  9. Where Waters Flow In Heaven
  10. Bad Boyz
  11. Love Will Never Lie

Watch “Hollywood Dancer” official video here: