Celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a band, CHURCHBURN return with their third and most monumentally ruthless, punishing, and mind-melting full-length titled, Genocidal Rite. The collaboration between founding members Dave Suzuki and Ray McCaffrey, along with long time members Timmy St. Amour and Derek Moniz, shows the band digging deeper into misery-drenched progressive song writing, and an oroborus of circle-pit-inducing despair. Seeping in deadly pitch-black dread, the Rhode Island collective showcase the bands outstanding ability to transport in and out of aggressive death metal, blackened doom, black metal, and sludge — with absolute ease and mastery.

Now, the band have unleashed a new single titled, “Sin Of Angels.” The ripping new song features a guest vocal appearance from John McEntee of INCANTATION.

About the track, CHURCHBURN drummer Ray McCaffrey shares: “I presented the idea of covering the song ‘Sin of Angels,’ a song from my previous early 90’s band RANCID CHRIST, up to the guys in CHURCHBURN because I wanted to do something to honor the memory of my friend and bandmate Todd Laskowski. Todd and I had co-written that song together many years ago. After RANCID CHRIST broke up Todd went on to play guitar and help write one of the most influential albums As Heaven Turns to Ash with Massachusetts Doom Legends WARHORSE. Once we got back together after a few years and started jamming again, we would go on to form a new band.

” As we were writing songs, Todd threw the idea of using the name Sin of Angels for this new band, which we did. Unfortunately Todd is no longer with us. Sadly he passed away on his birthday on May 19 2018. As CHURCHBURN started to learn and arrange the song. I had the idea to reach out to another friend of mine. John McAntee of INCANTATION. I had explained to him what we were doing and would love for him to do the vocals. John agreed immediately. Like so many other bands in the early 90’s on the come up. Incantation was a huge influence on us. We are really happy how it came out. I think we captured the original feel behind the song with an updated sound. Todd would have been stoked to hear it. I hope where ever he is… it’ll bring a smile to his face.”

Genocidal Rite will be released on November 5, 2021 via Translation Loss Records.

“Sin Of Angels” is streaming exclusively at Invisible Oranges.