CIRCLE OF SIGHS Launch Video For New Album Title Track ‘Narci’

Occult-themed synth-doom metallers CIRCLE OF SIGHS returns with their sophomore album, titled Narci, to be released June 4th by capable Metal Assault Records! Now the band has released a new video for the new album title track “Narci“. You can give it a listen below.

Narci, a quasi-concept album about an eschatoligcal event caused by a digitally communicable mental disease: Rooted in cosmic doom, here we find the group travelling to the outer reaches of metal’s avant garde. Glitch-pop, prog rock, dark jazz, industrial gaze, and grindcore influences bubble to the top, all buoyed by the sing-along melodies and rich vocal harmonies. With NarciCIRCLE OF SIGHS solidifies itself as a group that defies categorization, bridges dichotomies and summons new worlds.

Narci Tracklist:

1. Spectral Arms
2. We Need Legends
3. A Crystal Crown of Cosmic Pain
4. Roses Blue
5. Segue 04
6. Narci
7. Heaven in Flames
8. The Man Who Stole the Wind