Coastwise – Hard Rock Is Back Review

The first thing that comes to my mind while listening to album warmer and tittle track “Hard Rock Is Back” is that this is some kind of modern Twisted Sister. The mood of the guitars and the guitar solos brought me back to listening to Twisted Sister “You Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll.” a really long time ago. It was just an instant feeling that the rest of the album proved to be misinterpreted – kind of. It happens to all. The album is much more varied in their palette of influences thought Coastwise have that something that stands them out of the crowd. It’s possible to feel the band has a legitamate own style. That’s ultra welcomed.

The supreme irony of it all is that album warmer and tittle track “Hard Rock Is Back” is much more an Epic Old School Heavy Metal with grip as Manowar or Damien Thorne. By the way, intro “Make Yourself Ready” is really the kind of intro that makes each and every metalhead proud of to be a metalhead. It’s strong, it’s bold, it’s fun. The aforementioned Epic Old School Heavy Metal grip is also present in other tracks as “I’m on Fire.” Just to prove my point. I’ve got to say main guitar riff of “Jungle Showdown” is just something. I liked it a lot. Having second thoughts after listening the album for more times, I guess this Epic Old School Heavy Metal grip also comes from Twisted Sister, an unsung bands with a myriad of musical facetes than many dare to wonder. I guess I never told it here, but I’m a great fan of the Sisters. They kind of represent me. It takes a lot to really understand the band.

A highlight to both ballads “Lamb in the Dark” with its sweet and gentle acoustic guitar and “Call Me Again” whose guitar strumming kind of address to Scorpions’ “Still Loving.” The band and its ballads are always a great reference of good taste for ballads. It’s really hard for a new band to keep up with this tradition. I’ll give you that.

The band’s auto-describing as Hard’n’Heavy satisfies me a lot. This time it’s a match between my opinion and the band’s – hehehehehehehehe not rare, though. I guess it’s fits so well here with “Hard Rock Is Back” and its heavier grip. There are so many cool Hard’n’Heavy bands than my dear child of the night might expect. It’s a variation of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that pleases both.

Coastwise “Hard Rock Is Back” was independently released on July 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. Make Yourself Ready (Intro)
  2. Hard Rock Is Back
  3. Vampire Love
  4. Gimme Me What You’ve Got
  5. Call Me Again
  6. I’m on Fire
  7. To the Top
  8. Jungle Showdown
  9. Waking Nightmare
  10. Lamb in the Dark

Watch “Gimme Me What You’ve Got” official music video here: