Collapsus – Shockwaves of Decline

“Shockwaves of Decline” kicks off the best way possible with a killer and skullcrushing heavy track as “For a While” where Collapsus have the chance to show the world their vigorous and strong Death Metal bordering the Technical Death Metal with some touches of Melodeath. The track has the perfect mix of emotion and agressiveness required in a damn good Metal track. Pay close attention to the guitar licks and lines in the end of it. Fun fact is that the fan may think the lines are cut in the middle, but it’s just an impression. It’s bound to be that way. Here we’ve got a band that deals perfectly with their influences into Death Metal. Collapsus present a pristine playing throught this amazing EP.

Following track “Final Serenity” keeps the same mood as “For a While” with a bit more Melodeath in it. The thing in it that impresses the most is the plot twists in the tempo and cadence that come out of the blue. The fan, again, may think the song was cut or something else. Nah, it is all intentional. Collapsus deal pretty well with these breaks which give their music a more technical sense. “Shockwaves of Decline” is full of them which means that the band has incorporated it to their music as a valuable resource to enrich their bags of hats and tricks. It’s so nice to see how the band works so naturally with those changes of tempos and cadences as they do in the third track “A Time to Pass away” the most technical track ot this album. It’s inspiring the way tempos change so much giving the track an uncomfortable feeling of loosing the references which are rapidly broken by the instrumetal interventions going to the standard tempo again. Pay close attention to the last minutes of “A Time to Pass away” a pristine show of how vocals and chorus can pass the right feeling to the fan. The band is pretty tight in this passage playing good as hell.

“Shockwaves of Decline” is a four-tracked lesson of how a band can deal and play around with naturally with the sense of musical temporality – hum, does this term applies to music?

Collapsus “Shockwaves of Decline” was released in 2019.

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Track Listing:

  1. For a While
  2. Final Serenity
  3. A Time to Pass away
  4. Let Me Die at Last

Watch “A Time to Pass away” alive video here: