COPING MECHANISM Unveils ‘Hast Du Schon Alles Erledigt?’ Music Video

Coping Mechanism

Germany’s COPING MECHANISM have released music video for a song “Hast du schon alles erledigt?” which is taken from the band’s debut album, Shiak Kasim, out on July 24.

Music video for “Hast du schon alles erledigt?” can be seen below.

The debut of instrumental-quartet COPING MECHANISM is a musical balancing act, which ceaselessly draws the listener into a mixture of various genres, without ever letting go of thrill and tension.

“At the end of the day the diversity of our music stems from the diversity of our individual influences and musical preferences. These culminate in the eclectic assortment that is SHIAK KASIM.”

SHIAK KASIM takes the listener on a rollercoaster-ride, emotionally as well as musically. The various musical backgrounds the four musicians originate from, become noticeable through multifaceted arrangements and varying impressions. The broad arsenal of instruments on the debut makes for a palpable genre blend.

“Several segments on the album are highlighted by organ and piano insertions,” band adss. “Further, we collaborated with other musicians to implement natural sounds, such as the saxophone solo on ‘Alfons,’ as opposed to utilizing digital plug-ins.”

Shiak Kasim track listing:

  1. Gerippen Gegœmmelt
  2. Crusty Croc
  3. Alfons
  4. (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
  5. Hast du schon alles erledigt?
  6. Mifti
  7. Ciorbâ De Burtã
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