COREY TAYLOR Debuts New Single ‘Beyond’

Corey Taylor Beyond

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has released a debut single titled “Beyond,” from his sophomore solo album, CMF2.

“The song, and the video, is a reflection of finding the massive love in your life, the passion that comes along with it, and the fire that keeps you running and smiling,” Taylor told Rolling Stone. “It is a celebration of discovery, a croon of lust and gold, and a call for all to join the revelry.

“I originally wrote it as an aggressive romantic song, but I’m also looking at it now as a kind of ‘come together’ song,” he continued. “Bringing the masses together and letting them know that I want my music to take them beyond what they may think about me. Maybe they’ve had a misconception about me. It’s not exactly a calling card, more like throwing the bat signal up and being, ‘All right, let’s turn everything on its head.’ It’s almost a dual threat, because now I look at it from two standpoints.”

CMF2 track listing:

1. “The Box”
2. “Post Traumatic Blues”
3. “Talk Sick”
4. “Breath of Fresh Smoke”
5. “Beyond”
6. “We Are the Rest”
7. “Midnight”
8. “Starmate”
9. “Sorry Me”
10. “Punchline”
11. “Someday I’ll Change Your Mind”
12. “All I Want Is Hate”
13. “Dead Flies”