COREY TAYLOR: ‘I Want To Make As Much Music As I Can Before I Go Senile And Can’t Clean Myself’

Corey Taylor Beyond

During a recent interview with Josh Klinger, the afternoon host at iHeartMedia Rock 95.5 in Chicago, Corey Taylor was questioned about his ability to maintain focus and stay organized while working on multiple music projects, such as his solo career, STONE SOUR, and SLIPKNOT.

 “That’s a damn good question. I have no idea. I think it’s just focus,” he responded. “I focus on what’s in front of me, and I focus on it one hundred percent. And then, when it comes time to shift that focus, I literally take that hundred percent and put it into what I’m doing.

“So I never… I mean, I’ll be honest — as I’ve gotten older, it’s been a little harder to do that because I’m having senior [moments] here and there where I’m, like, ‘Eh…What band am I [working with right now]?’ But for the most part, it’s never been too hard for me because I know the distinction between all of them. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve done so many different projects, is because, for me, the distinction is the whole reason to do them.’

Corey continued: “It’s never been about ego; it’s never been about ‘me, me, me.’ It’s always just been purely because I have a lot of music I want to make, and I want to make as much of it before I go senile and can’t clean myself. Let’s put it that way. So I’m just a greedy, greedy pig who just wants to make all the music and be able to play it all, man.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty easy once you’ve realized the reasons why you’re doing all of these projects and then it makes it even easier to make sure that you’re devoting a hundred percent of your heart into it.”

Corey Taylor has officially announced the release of his highly-anticipated second album, CMF2, after teasing the news for several months. The album is set to be released on September 15th.