During an interview with The Guardian, SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor talked about how a lot of bands are splitting up because they “can’t make a living” out of music.

He said: “The industry is trying to make peace with streaming, they’re finding out how to monetise it, but they’re still screwing over the artists.”

“I’m in a unique situation because I’m in the old system, but I’m actually able to make a pretty decent living with the new system,” Taylor continued. “I find it hard to bite the hand that feeds me. But at the same time I see all these other bands who can’t get a break. I don’t know what the answer is to be honest.”

“I’m stoked for people like Ed Sheeran – that kid worked his a*s off, so why shouldn’t he get the recognition? But at the same time when his songs dominated [the charts] because of streaming, where is the fairness? What about the other artists who worked their a*ses off, but maybe didn’t have a million streams?”

Taylor went on to criticise the appropriation of metal culture within the mainstream and fashion worlds, as well as metal’s flirting with fascist iconography.

 “You’re seeing grandmas in SLIcPKNOT shirts,” Taylor said. “It’s really weird. It makes it easier for me to blend in, which I am completely happy to do; you get tired of the stares after a while.”
“But punk and metallers take ‘fascist’ imagery like shaved heads and black clothing and divorce it from racism and nationalism, to make a statement about disaffection; you’re now seeing people like Richard Spencer who are not only appropriating the imagery of nationalism, but also the rhetoric. The anger, the racism of it. It worries me.”
Oh, but Justin Bieber’s line in pseudo-metal T-shirts? He can kiss my a*s,” Taylor added.