COREY TAYLOR On Next STONE SOUR Album: ‘Is Going To Eat People, It’s So Good’


Corey Taylor told Meltdown of the WRIF (via Blabbermouth) that the next STONE SOUR album “is going to eat people”.

“We have eighteen songs demoed. It’s the best material we’ve ever written. This album, the next STONE SOUR one, is going to eat people; it’s so good,” Corey said.

On how STONE SOUR will follow the ambitious “House Of Gold & Bones” double-album packaging, which, when put together, formed the shape of a house:

Corey: “[We’re] just going back to basics. I’m an old-school guy. I think most of us are. The thing that I loved about those great albums is that you would get it and you would wanna study everything. So I’m gonna try to meld that world with the electronic world and see if those two can kind of coalesce and coexist. We’re getting art together already; we’re starting to really get stuff together — like, really see the vision of it — and just put together just a kick-ass rock and roll album. A little heavy, a little rock, a little punk, soft stuff in there… It’s gonna destroy people.”

You can listen to an entire interview below: