COREY TAYLOR Responds To People Who Call SLIPKNOT ‘Nu Metal’

Corey Taylor

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor, recently had an argument with the fans who claimed that SLIPKNOT is some kind of ‘nu-metal’ band.

A fan named Horror posted:

Trap Metal” – Eh, Not Sure how i feel about that title, kinda cringhy but i get it, kinda. But we gonna keep it grimey, punk, scummy & vile.”

To which Taylor responded:

“Beware of labels, my friends. People still call us ‘nu metal’. Just ignore that sh*t and do what you do. You’re as punk and grimey as they GET!!!”

A fan named Joel Benavente tweeted:

“Yeah, you do have a DJ, so kinda makes you nu metal. Did you forget about SiD WiLSoN? Number zero your band mate?!?”

Taylor responded:

“That’s your only reason we’re nu metal? So… Portishead is nu metal? Sugar Ray is nu metal? Grow a f*cking clue– I’m not in the mood today. Also: A LOT OF NU METAL BANDS HAVE NO DJ.”

Joel tweeted again:

“Portishead is trip hop and one of the founders of that genre. And Sugar Ray is a rock band but they don’t play metal music. They would technically just be pop music that happens to be a rock band like imagine dragons. You guys play metal but not traditional. Hint nu metal.”

Corey responded:

“I think you’re a person more concerned with genres than music. You do you- I’ll be over here being right.”