Corrosive Sweden – Blood and Panic

An album that boldly melts Traditional Heavy Metal with Modern Metal and gets the best of both of them. This is Corrosive Sweden with their “Blood and Panic” album which makes the prodigy to do so. It’s like this, songs have moments of those big guitars and nervous vocals interwoven and embelished by excellent guitar solos and riffing. Corrosive Sweden made possible to serve both gods. I know you will hate me, but  “Blood and Panic” sounds as Avenged Sevenfold at their best efforts. Well, I like them, okay!

Wisely, Corrosive Sweden mix both influences into their songs. A wise trick, and I must say the outcome works fine and best than having both moments separate into songs. “Angry Me” is the best example of it because it kicks off with a sweet fingered intro to burst into a furious Old School Riffing. Vocals are as furious as Modern Metal vocals tend to be. Never miss the guitar solo that begins by the forth minute. A piece of great and dextery guitar playing. From where I’m standing what exactly misses in Modern Metal.

You know that I tend to be sincere about my writing and my opinion about bands. So, “Blood and Panic” got stuck in the middle of my files for quite some time because its name didn’t call my attention. Even worse, I confess I was ignoring it. But as I love to be contradicted I took it for granted and I must say I loved the mix they make. The polished guitars of “Blood and Panic” really made my mind making the album real worthy. Of course, there are songs that sound a little bit odd as “Terrified as I Die” but as soon as the guitar solo enters the thing gets great. Vocals are odd, but guitars… Ah, the guitars…

Okay, forget your prejudice about bands like Avenged Sevenfold and have lots of fun with “Blood and Panic” and its inspired guitars.

Corrosive Sweden “Blood and Panic” was released via BMP Records Sweden.

Track Listing:

  1. Fire from a Gun
  2. Blood and Panic
  3. Speed
  4. Angry Me
  5. Angel or Beast
  6. Terrified as I die
  7. Parasite
  8. At the Top
  9. Black Paint

Watch “Fire from a Gun” official video here:

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