Countless Skies – New Dawn

Countless_Skies_New_Dawn_Artwork_Carl_Ellis  If you’re any fan of Be’lakor you instantly get this reference. If not, then I’ll explain: “Countless Skies” is the name of a song that Be’lakor did on one of their albums at some point. Somewhere along the road four genuine fans of the band came together to create a melodic death metal named Countless Skies as you’ve figured out. At this point they’ve got one EP out, their self-titled, and it’s still one of my favorite albums of the genre with how good it sounds and has so much substance to it, yet I knew they could do better. And by the love of all that is brutal and unholy was I not let down. Countless Skies’ upcoming first full length album, “New Dawn”, takes all of their previous work onto the table and increases everything from the energy, flow, production, etc. to ten billion times greater than before. This results in an absolutely magnificent dynamic record that is easily one of the most unique pieces of its genre that I’ve ever seen in such amazing detail. “New Dawn” has eight tracks with a very wide variety of rhythms, pacing, riffs, and length in songs that always keep you on your toes because you never know what you’re going to get served up next, which is a gift that just keeps on giving especially when it’s as f**king amazing as this is. Every note has this enlightening feel to them that is truly one of a kind to give you this chill down your spine and your heart beating excitingly, and you get that sensation in each song off “New Dawn” to where by the end of the album you want to experience it over and over again. Then mixing all that deliciousness with harsh vocals that are really where the death metal comes in makes a powerful combo the likes of which is so unique and so awesomely well done that something like this doesn’t come along for a long time, and then people don’t talk about it because the band has a small fan base. Well no more of that mess! Countless Skies have proven once again that they have found a truly interesting corner for themselves in the world of melodic death metal and made it their home, their lair, and their station for their unique brand of music that in one word can only be described as astronomical. “New Dawn” is the start of something even greater for Countless Skies, and for those who have yet to hear their presence will experience its full glory and magnitude with what is in my pointless opinion one of the most interesting, unique, awesome, and dynamic album of the year bar none. Mark my words, dammit!

“New Dawn” releases on June 24th! Pre-order via iTunes coming soon but order the CD for “New Dawn” here.

Track Listing:

  1. Aubade
  2. Heroes
  3. Incendium
  4. Solace
  5. Daybreak
  6. Ethereal
  7. Wanderer
  8. Return