Crucible of Hate – The Unknown Path Review

Crucible of Hate emerged in 2016 comprised of band members who have roots stretching back into the 90s Metal scene, from black metallers The Conquering through thrashers Skullbomb, to melodeath in The C.O.A.S.T. Drawing musical inspiration from the likes of Carcass, Meshuggah, Immolation, Opeth and Gojira, their sophomore album follows the 2018 release “Dark Metamorphosis.” Over their career Crucible of Hate have opened for the likes of Scar Symmetry, Arsis and Immolation.

The above explains a lot about Crucible of Hate “The Unknown Path” and its sonancy. It’s possible to get all these references in the album. I guess – it’s only my guess – that Black Metal has given all the influence to vocalist Dan Rivera as he goes throught the songs with a dark and low voice much more angrier than his peers. Intrumentwise, though, I see Crucible of Hate pretty far from Black Metal being more near the likes of Melodic Death Metal. The album shows a lot of moments and moods as in “Isolation of Accountability” as it is an instrumental track with acoustic guitars and a bit of bass strumming. The band didn’t quote Amon Amarth in the press release, however, I think tracks as album welcomer “March of Truth” has a lot to do with the band. Its guitar riffings and vocal lines follow a path that leads to the band. There’s also a big dash of Hardcore in tracks as “Temporal Paradox” more notably on vocals as he uses some techniques from the genre as the barking vocals.

“The Unknown Path” unveals itself as a very varied album with lots of influences that are put in Crucible of Hate’s cauldron and cooked carefully to explode in the fan’s face. This is it, an explosion of senses that goes out right to the fan’s face. “Take the Blame,” for instance, showcases an expected Iron Maiden influence from the bass strumming. Ok, maybe it was not the intent but every time a Metal band has bass strummings in a song I remember Iron Maiden. I can’t help it.

Here we have an album that is a trip around the many facetes of Metal music. “The Unknown Path” is not surprising, but also disturbing. The moods the band creates here are dark as shadows. Go right to grand finale “Legacy” and its amazing guitar riffs to get what I’m talking about. The point where Speed Metal meets Extreme Metal.

Crucible of Hate “The Unknown Path” will be released on September 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. March of Truth
  2. Brutal Ascension
  3. The Unknown Path
  4. Eradicate the Thorn of Deceit
  5. Decimation of the Flesh
  6. Isolation of Accountability
  7. Fraudulent Existence
  8. Temporal Paradox
  9. Take the Blame
  10. Legacy

Watch “Decimation of the Flesh” official lyric video here: