Cryprosis – The Silent Call Review

This EP “The Silent Call” shows that Cryptosis really have a unique approach to the Progressive Thrash Death Metal blend the band calls their own. The album is really a good call for the ones as I who don’t know them. Containing four tracks from which two are unreleased and two are alive recordings, “Prospect of Immortality” and “Transcendence” were recorded in Athens, Greece in November 2022 during Cryptosis’ latest European tour, “The Silent Call” is a great invitation card to the band.

Cryptosis showcase everything they got with album warmer and tittle track “The Silent Call” which is definitly a song that defines the band’s mix of Thrash Death Metal. Add to that a sounding keyboard to give that progressive atmosphere the band desires without loosing any inch of power and aggression. By the way, power and aggression are words that are utterly embedded in the band’s DNA. “Master of Life” has some kind of Rush’s influence in its very beginning with some defying guitars. The song goes farther into the mix adding more elements of Thrash Metal plus the Progressive Metal slants. The keyboards here are darker giving the song a mystique mood. This is the track which in my opinon gives the band its unique approach. The Thrash Metal elements they add spice it up the outcome plus the mystique keyboards. Interestingly, the sound of the bass is where the Rush’s influence come from. Though a little hidden, it’s possible to notice that Rush were a very important band in the making of Cryptosis’ music. The song has a Thrash soul without all the speed. The alive recording “Prospect of Immortality” showcases where “Master of Life” comes from with a moddier atmosphere with the omnipresent keyboards more prominent. “Transcendence” is a faster track where the band can show all the speed they got from Thrash Metal. Prog themes out, it’s the more Thrash Metal track of the album.

I’d say “The Silent Call” is a great invitation card to Cryptosis’ music. The band is really promising, if you ask me. And it’s only their second release. I’d also say the band has that magic touch that is missing to Thrash Metal gets to the other level.

Cryptosis “The Silent Call” will be released on December 01st via Century Media.

Track Listing:

  1. The Silent Call
  2. Master of Life
  3. Prospect of Immortality
  4. Transcendence

Watch official music video here: