Cryptopsy – As Gomorrah Burns Review

It took me a while to understand “As Gomorrah Burns” as the intensity Cryptopsy impose here is really hard to follow. It’s impossible not to bang all album long while the band goes hitting harder than hell. There are very few melodic moments in the album and they are given by the lead guitars as in “Godless Deceiver” and “The Righteous Lost.” By the way, this track “The Righteous Lost” has one of the best main guitar riff of the year. I said main guitar riff? I have to say it’s one of them to be more precise because the song changes so much of pace that it’s really hard to tell which is the lead guitar riff. This insane frentic constant movement of the instruments is a trademark of Cryptopsy and what makes them unique.

“As Gomorrah Burns” commences fast as hell with “Lascivious Undivine” whose guitar riffs are insanely fast and intricate. One thing that calls the attention to Cryptopsy’s music is the ability of writing mesmerizing instrumentals altogether. It’s not only the guitars, it’s not only the drumming, but all the instrumentals that are built to be mesmerizing. It keeps the fan with steady eyes. It’s almost manical the way these guys play. Pay close attention to “Ill Ender” relentless guitars and drumming. Can you believe that vocals follow them? Cryptopsy are pushing all limits. Interestingly, the band was initially under the name Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which, between you and me, is more of a name that expresses the music they perform.

If my dear child of the night pays close attention to all the album, the only track that breaks a little the frentic mesmerizing Cryptopsy’s way of playing is grand finale “Praise The Filth.” Wait, slow your horses! I should have said at some extent because the track commences a little moody, but soon the band changes everything and all hell breaks loose. It’s really not an album for the faint at heart. Th

The album is for the Metal fan who loves non-stop and breathtaking headbanging. I guess the only album we’ve reviewed this year that is as restless as this one is Marduk’s “Memento Mori.” No other can beat the intensity “As Gomorrah Burns” imposes.

Cryptopsy “As Gomorrah Burns” will be released on September 08th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Lascivious Undivine
  2. In Abeyance
  3. Godless Deceiver
  4. Ill Ender
  5. Flayed The Swine
  6. The Righteous Lost
  7. Obeisant
  8. Praise the Filth

Watch “In Abeyance” official music video here: