DARK SIGNAL Release Lyrics Video For Debut Single ‘Build You Back’

Sacramento based Rock/Metal Band DARK SIGNAL are setting out to challenge expectations with their bold, debut single and lyric video, “Build You Back.” The single is produced by Drew Fulk and mixed by Taylor Larson. The video was directed/edited by guitarist Matt Thomas. The lyrics video for the single “Build You Back” can be seen below.

Matt Thomas stated: “This song is the embodiment of what our band has been through these last two years as we stepped back from our former band and brand to break the walls down that we built and create something new. This, as our first song, leads the way for Dark Signal, describing exactly how we have felt these last two years. Now we are here to build back what we once had, only better.

DARK SIGNAL is elegant, and destructive. The best of us, at the worst of times. DARK SIGNAL is everything we wanted it to be, and nothing we imagined. In the end we’re all looking for a story, something to connect to. The choice to be our true selves, and create music we connect to in the same way we connect with others.

DARK SIGNAL formed in 2017 by Sammy KarlinAnthony Grant, Matt Thomas, David Gorman, and Isaiah Adbul-Rahman. 5 members taking 10 years of writing, recording, performing and growing together to craft a refined sound in the image of their take on modern music;

DARK SIGNAL is tasteful as it is heavy, aggressive as it is beautiful. Absorbing the influence of new artists like Nothing More and Stone Sour creating a new sound for music that can translate into performance. Make no mistake this is a performing group, with a vision for the stage as strong as the studio; working to deliver an experience worthy of their fans support.