DAVE GROHL Reveals First Thing He Bought After NIRVANA Made Him Rich

Dave Grohl

While discussing his love of BBQ, FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl remembered the days NIRVANA exploded on the music scene back in the early ’90s.

He told Variety:  “When NIRVANA became popular, the first thing I did is I bought a beach house in North Carolina and spent years up there, and I just ate pulled pork like f**king crazy from the time I was 22 to about 25 years old.

“I became totally obsessed [with the Big Green Egg smoker] – it was therapeutic because it’s not an automatically functioning piece of cooking equipment.

“You have to balance the vents to make sure that you get and hold temperature for a low and slow cook. You’re just basically sitting and staring at these f**king thermometers all day long.

“For me, I couldn’t walk and so I would just sit there for nine or 12 hours at a time just like, ‘Ohmm,’ watching these temperature gauges – and I started getting good at it.”

Grohl also talked about grilling backstage at major music festivals, saying: “If you’re backstage and you start smoking something or grilling something and stinking up like a quarter-mile radius with really delicious s**t, every band’s gonna want some. Like, Nick Cave will come up and ask for a burger.

“We did a gig at Hyde Park in London with MOTÖRHEAD. I was literally cooking until it was time to go on and I got on stage and I smelled like barbecue. It was f**king great – and then we finished the show and I went right back to the grill and kept going.”