DAWN OF DISEASE Release New Music Video ‘Where The Clouds Reach The Ground’

Dawn of Disease

The wait for the new album Procession of Ghosts is almost over! To shorten the pre-release week, DAWN OF DISEASE drops a third outstanding single “Where The Clouds Reach The Ground” along with an official video! Once more the band proves its versatility mixing dark growls with catchy hooks, creating an atmosphere of sound which perfectly supports the lyrics and reflects the title itself – another impressive piece of melodic death metal!

That DAWN OF DISEASE “invested a lot of time, energy and emotions” in the track and the upcoming album, is not just audible but perceptible.

Band comments: “With ‘Where The Clouds Reach The Ground’ we would like to introduce you to the epic and melancholic side of our forthcoming album Procession of Ghosts.

“This song carries a lot of emotional energy and will surely affect you from the very first second. Inspired by the gloominess of autumn and winter ‘Where The Clouds Reach The Ground’ is the right companion for the current season. Supported by an obscure and atmospheric video, which was shot and directed by Tuomas Saukkonen (WOLFHEART, DAWN OF SOLACE), the track shows us in a metaphoric way the hidden sides of ourselves. Join us on our journey through the dark to the place where the clouds reach the ground!”