Dawn of Winter – Pray for Doom

Doom Metal bands are the ones which keep the faith of Old School Metal most. Bottomline, to laymen, they just slow down tempos, get a singer with an empathized voice, and a drummer who can play really slow but still heavy handed. You see, it’s easy to diminish a style telling only the truth. But Doom Metal, as we all know, it’s not only this. At least for people who respect it, and adore it. Doom Metal has a bright that it’s difficult to explain, it is powerful and bonecrushing without the benefit of speed. Tones, riffs, drums fillings, voice, and everything has to be throughly thought.

That’s exactly what we find here with Dawn of Winter and “Pray for Doom,” a band which sticks to their Doom Metal beliefs and don’t leave them for anything in this sad and lonely world. Each track is specially designed to show everything Dawn of Winter has got. There are eight tracks in “Pray for Doom” and they are pretty linear. “Pray for Doom” isn’t for the unadvised. Dawn of Winter deliver what you asked for. No more, no less. That’s what I consider to be a sign of bona fide, a band that hold on tight to their beliefs. We have to respect that. I do.

“Pray for Doom” is an album for whom loves slowly and carefully played guitars. Guitar solos are addicted to David Gilmour school of slow-playing, but full of attitude and emotion. Riffs sound clear enough to notice that guitarist Jörg M. Knittel knows exacty what to do and that he won’t hide himself under tons of unpronounciable scales. Just the solid emotion and feeling added to each note.

Dawn of Winter “Pray for Doom” was released on December 07th via I Hate Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Dream within a Dream
  2. The Thirteenth of November
  3. Woodstock Child
  4. The Sweet Taste of Ruin
  5. Pray for Doom
  6. The Orchestra Bizarre
  7. Paralysed by Sleep
  8. Father Winter

Watch “A Dream within a Dream” video here: