Degial – Predator Reign

Yeah, right! The best thing is when you get what was promised. Degial’s press-release promised a return to the roots of death metal. Better yet when the band adds something else to their released promise. “Predator Reign” is an effort with strong roots on first death metal bands plus some touches of modernity. That means Degial is sick, guys! “Predator Reign” will make you bang your heads till the end.

Degial brought back all those sick guitar riffs, all that chaotic instrumental leading to a more musically chaotic outcome. What does that mean? To the non-iniciated in the dark arts it means that it is a sonic catastrophe or in layman words: badly or poorly played. Nah, none of that. It means that Degial built layer by layer its sonic wall with guitar riffs that in appearance are not connected, or yet, out of tune, but that’s not the case. “Predator Reign” is full of dissonances. Not badly played. Each note is on propose where it’s supposed to be, only that they are build in a way to raise hell. It’s almost as free as free jazz, but not, it’s metal. Better yet, old school death metal.

Of course, pieces like “Predator Reign” are not for everybody. Metal is not for everybody. It takes a lot to really appreciate the dark arts of music, but the reward is as intense as Degial’s music. It was such a pleasure to listen how Degial made so much qualified noise. And, besides that, songs are of a contagious pulse. Thanks the drumming for that. It’s not only to be fast, choose fast beats; it’s chosing fast pulsing beats. Feel all the songs with splatters and fillings. Not easy as you may think, poor mortal. It takes a lot, believe me. That’s why we call it extreme music. Extreme of senses, extreme of music playing, all in extreme, and of course, in quality.

It’s funny how a piece as Degial’s “Predator Reign” with all its retro intent can be so fresh. That’s why we all say that listening to metal a lifetime experience. Albums like that make us proud of kids today. They learned the lesson with the masters and surpassed them. With all the dark blessings.

Track Listing:

  1. Predator Reign
  2. Thousand Spears Impaled
  3. The Savage Covenant
  4. Crown Of Fire
  5. Devil Spawn
  6. Hellstorm
  7. Heretical Repugnance
  8. Annihilation Banner
  9. Triumphant Extinction
  10. Clangor Of Subjugation

Degial’s “Predator Reign” will deny the cross on November 24th via Sepulchral Voice Records.

Watch “Thousand Spears Impale” official video here: