Dialith – Alter Review

Back then in the good old times when the world was milk and honey, I used to consider Glam Metal a kind of guilty pleasure. I say that becasue even though Glam Metal is a confessed pleasure I have I used sometimes  to feel guilty about it. You know, all the macho pressure to listen exclusively to Extreme Metal. I’ll admit most of the time I didn’t give squat about it. However, I’ll also admit to have felt some guilty about it. C’est la vie. For the record, as a comparison, my dear child of the night knows that I have compared Symphonic Metal to Glam Metal as the modern version of a guilty pleasure. In many ways they reach the same public and I have said Symphonic Metal is the point of entry to other Metals as hard Rock and Glam Metal were in the good old days. That’s why I say this Dialith’s EP “Alter” is the kind of album is a guilty pleasure because, truth be told, it’s so delicious to listen.

“Alter” commences with the highly addictive “Writhing Red.” From where I’m standing it’s not this track that is highly addictive, all the album is as well. Of course, at first what calls the eye is Krista Sion’s voice. No wonder about that. The thing is that the instrumentals are so neat and the guitar riffs are so gluey that the fan cant help it but listen and listen. The impression I got is that the instrumentals are all lower than vocals. It gives the fan the impression the instrumentals are in a kind of background what is such a pity because, as I said, instrumentals here are top notch.

Ok, then, now the mixed emotions about “Shadowdancer.” As I said before, Dialith deliver instrumentals of a quality above reproval. The problem is the mix with oriental instruments and all the mood. I mean, I’ve heard lots of bands doing so. It’s no news it all. The impression I get is that all Symphonic Metal band sin this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet are obliged to add a track with all these elements. Well, just a comment.

Right, I highly recommend “Alter” to all fans who love guilty pleasures. You won’t be disappointed.

Dialith “Alter” will be released on April 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. Writhing Red
  2. Ironbound
  3. Hourglass (Shadowdancer Pt. 1)
  4. Shadowdancer

Watch “Shadowdancer” official music video here: