Doombanomicon – Doombanomicon

If memory serves me right, this is the second compilation we are reviewing this year. My guts tell me that this a great year for Doom Metal as we reviewed three albums in a role with three very different, and quality, bands. I know sometimes people think that Doom Metal is the most monolithic subgenre in Metal due to its strong baselines. Well, this effort “Doombanomicon” comes to prove you wrong. There are thirteen bands and thirteen tracks to show you that doomy bands have the power. From the very sabbatish ones to the very dark and atmospheric “Doombanomicon” is an album that pleases the most wrathful Doom Metal oppositor.

I know that to review a compilation takes a lot because all bands deserve a highlight. But that’s not possible all the times. In general, I like to quote the bands that called my attention most, so I have to follow my particular taste. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the bands I didn’t quote are bad. It only tells that I don’t have the room here the say about all the thirteen bands. So sorry, guys.

A constant feature in “Doombanomicon” is the sabbatish taste. Most of the tracks follow this natural influence as Black Sabbath are the forefathers of Doom – never forget the great Cirith Ungol, please. A highlight to “Bitter Plea” by Doomstress with its female vocals and its sabbatish influenced music. Guitars follow 1970s Black Sabbath style, but not the doomier ones. It follows uptempo and cadenced Sabbath songs as “Paranoid,” “Sweet Leaf” – this one is a staple – among others. Calls the eye the guitar work with a strong tone and inspired interventions. “The Veneration of Serpents” by Gallow God has a very interesting drumming kick off to a very dark and dense guitar riffing. “Defy the Lie” by Bludy Gyres has also a very interesting intro to another sabbatish track. Guitar work is a highlight as well.

Another thing that calls the eyes is that songs are not that long as Doom Metal bands love to write. Of course, one has to remember the time limits of this compilation. The last, but not least, tha art cover is amazing mixing Metal with Decepticons. Great idea.

Doombanomicon “Doombanomicon” will be released on May 17th via Black Doomba Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Imperii Exsulses by Negative Wall

  2. Bitter Plea by Doomstress

  3. Smoke Serpent by Stoneman

  4. Dawn of Eternal Night by Witchcross

  5. The Veneration of Serpents by Gallow God


    Shadow in the Well by Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf
  7. Monochrome by Dead Register
  8. Defy the Lie by Bludy Gyres
  9. Wood Valley by Order of the Owl
  10. Busla’s Curse by DayGlo Mourning
  11. Izhar by Coffin Torture
  12. Kill For Sport by Gravehuffer
  13. Hymn by Xothun

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