DOOMRAISER Release New Single ‘The Dark Side Of Old Europa’


Italian doom metallers DOOMRAISER released their new single “The Dark Side Of Old Europa” which can be seen below.

The song is the title track for band’s new album The Dark Side of Old Europa, set for international release on January 24thn 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

The official release show is scheduled for January 17th 2020 at Orion Club in RomeItaly. The band will play the new record in its entirety. Facebook event available here.

The Dark Side of Old Europa was produced by Danilo Silvestri and by the band. Renowned artist Roberto Toderico is responsible for the impressive cover artwork that’s now available along with the album’s tracklist.

“Exploring Europa’s darkest events, we conceived an obscure sound relying on the DOOMRAISER ‘heavy drunken doom’ trademarks: heavy metal played at a monolithic pace, where fast and slower, gloomy introspective parts often collide. The final result is very ‘live sounding’, every instrument breathes with vicious abandon while building a tight wall of sound. This time around the songs’ length has also been reduced in order to strengthen their impact and intensity.”

The Dark Side of Old Europa tracklist:

01. Passage
02. Chimera
03. The Dark Side of Old Europa
04. Tauroctony (The Secret Cult of Mithras)
05. Terminal Dusk
06. Häxan
07. Continuum Pt. 1 (Suspended in Darkness)
08. Loathsome Explorer Interpolation