Drunk Jesus Got Thrown Out Of An EXODUS Show

Exodus Show Jesus

Details surrounding the ousting of a fan dressed as Jesus at the ANTHRAX, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and EXODUS show on January 21st at the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton, BC remain unclear. Spectators have reported the ejectee was ‘angry’ and appeared to be inebriated, prompting police to take him away during EXODUS‘ set.

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt commented on the incident: “You can’t make this sh*t up! A little humor to follow my doctors visit for x rays after I ate sh*t on a slippery bus step getting off at the border crossing. Worse pain ever, but nothing broken. Probably under skin blood clot. F*cking hurts but standing hurts the least so Grand Forks! I may not be all over the stage tonight , or doing much of anything but riffing out, but it’s gonna be sick!”

A concertgoer Jenn Moffat reported to Info News that a man in a costume of Jesus was getting increasingly more irritated as the night went on and missed a lot of the concert.

“He was fine when we met him but then we saw him later and he looked really angry so we started referring to him as ‘angry Jesus,'” Jenn said. “Pretty sure he spent the night in the drunk tank. He missed most of the show.”