Dude Buys All Bass Guitars In His Town And Puts Them On Giveaway

Bass guitars

Mr. Davie504, the famous bass YouTuber recently released a new video in where he shows how he bought all bass guitars he could find in his town. Which, according to this video, is somewhere in Taiwan.

Also, he’s giving away all those bass guitars.

He explained: “There are very dark times. Pretty much every country in the world is on lockdown. Everybody is forced to stay home. And this can be extremely tough. Many huge problems are rising and affecting our lives. For example, now we cannot go out to buy bass. Oh Em Gee! Unacceptable!

“But luckily, I am here to save you,” he added. “I am in Taiwan right, and here, everything is normal. So I’m going to all the music stores I can find and I’m gonna buy all the bass guitars they have. And then, I’m gonna give them all away to you in this video.”

Watch his adventure below: