Dun Ringill – 150 Where the Old Gods Play Act 1 Review

Doom Metal with something else. That’s Dun Ringill with “150 – Where the Old Gods Play Act 1,” an album that is very far from the standard Doom Metal due to the features borrowed from other Metal music styles. In fact, these are the details that really makes the fan be attracted to the album. “150 – Where the Old Gods Play Act 1,” has many details to make it stand out from the Doom Metal crowd. In average, Doom Metal albums are minimalist with few details. Differently from other Metal sytles, it’s not the flamboyant instrumentals and the prone to use lots of layers of music that is the main stapler of it. On the contrary, Doom Metal has always been marked by the lack of what others abound. Dun Ringill managed to add those details in the album.

First of all, but not the most important is the vocals. Duets and changes of vocals are now a feature that has been crystalized into Metal music. However, Doom Metal doesn’t explore it a lot differently from what my dear child of the night might find here. There are layers of vocals in the album. Second, Dun Ringill add Nordic folk themes and instruments to their music. Nordic folk themes aren’t exactly new either, but, again, Doom Metal bands have ignored them for a while. The folk slant in the album makes it sound very original giving it the right details to make things right. It’s not that they turned “150 – Where the Old Gods Play Act 1,” but they are enough to be a game changer. Third, and last, but not least. I said that Doom Metal bands are minimalist. Dun Ringill aren’t. Not even a bit. Soon enough with album welcomer “Awakening” my dear child of the night will notice that something isn’t really in the right place. There are so many more notes and musical layers than the average Doom song. Opening main guitar riff has so many more notes than the usual. However, standard Doom metallers have their share here with “The Parrish” or “Blood of the Lord” with that slow, and known, cadence. By the way, the album shows a little of a dark humor with the track “The Devil Wears a Papal Tiara.”

“150 – Where the Old Gods Play Act 1” is an album with so many details. Of course, my dear child of the night might remember that the devil is on the details. So, they are the things that make the album stand out. One more to nominate.

Dun Ringill “150 – Where the Old Gods Play Act 1” will be released on August 04th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Awakening
  2. The Parrish
  3. The Devil Wears a Papal Tiara
  4. Baptised in Fire
  5. Nathaniel’s Hymn
  6. Blood of the Lord
  7. The Last Supper

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