Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg for Death Review

Dying Fetus are a Death Metal institution. No one argues that. Witihin the more than 30 years of career the band hasn’t given up an inch from their Brutal Death Metal. No, sorry. I mean, the band has introduced little by little some Technical Death Metal elements in their music to make it even more brutal, if you know what I mean. By the tittle of this so awaited album the fan can get what the band means. “Make Them Beg for Death” is brutal, ruthless and show no mercy for the fans ears. In a culture where keeping the faith is some kind of bad word, Dying Fetus and “Make Them Beg for Death” show that principles have no price to a band which stands for Metal.

“Make Them Beg for Death” features a non-stop sequence of bloody guitar riffs and pounding blast beats. The music in the album does justice for its tittle. It’s something like torturing someone hours and hours, keeping the same pace, that is, fast, real fast. There are very few bands nowadays that can cope with the frentic rhythm the band imposes to its fandom. This album is just one more.

Commencing with the breathless “Enlighten Through Agony” Dying Fetus keep their tradition of dark sense of humor in their lyrics. Well, if it’s possible to call this sense of humor. It’s interesting to wonder how would be the scene “Throw Them in the Van” tells with its Hardcore grip in only one minute and half. It’s the blink of an eye. I mean, a painful blink of an eye. I also wonder the crowd during a moody track as “When The Trend Ends” banging with the pace of the guitars’ wall of sound and in a moment having to blast furiously. Ah, this is everything Metal all about. By the way, the effect the guitars of this track make is unbelievable. Totally fit for gigs I’d say.

“Make Them Beg for Death” is for hardcore Brutal Death Metal fans who like some Technical Death Metal in between. To some extent, this the beauty of it. In their own way, Dying Fetus vary slow or fast way of torturing.

Dying Fetus “Make Them Beg for Death” will be released on September 08th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

Watch “Throw Them in the Van” official lyric video here: